Author: Amanda Ferguson

Going Digital: How Today’s Youth Is Revolutionizing the Way We Shop

There is no doubt that the rise in digital technology and online shopping has revolutionized the way people purchase products. Long gone are the days where you walk into a concrete building without any previous ideas on which brands you intend to buy. In today’s digital world, we not only have the ability to buy almost everything we need to live without ever having to leave our beds (seriously, whoever thought of online shopping… I bow down to your greatness), but we also have access to information and reviews on every brand and product like never before. With the...

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3..2..1..Boring, Bye! Capturing Attention in 15 Seconds or Less

Everyone today seems to be constantly busy. Particularly equestrians, who have to juggle everything that comes with a life with horses: work-filled weekdays, evenings at the barn and early morning horse show weekends. This lack of free time means that what we choose to put our energy in, even if it’s simply by “liking” a photo, must be worthwhile. But what does this mean for brands on social media? [vc_separator type=”transparent” up=”26″ up_style=”px” down=”0″ down_style=”px”] To put it simply, you need to be able to capture viewers attention quickly- and keep it. I can’t even count how many different...

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