Author: Ashley Harvey

Four Ways To Beat Pay-To-Play on Social Media

Recently I saw a small business owner on Facebook lamenting about how their business page doesn’t even show up on her own newsfeed. She likes and shares every post, but her page’s reach is small, and her growth is slow. Once upon a time, before Facebook was the ultimate social media staple, the algorithms did not seem to negatively impact small businesses. Sure, it’s always been pay to play, but the little guy used to stand a chance when it came to organic reach. [vc_separator type=”transparent” up=”26″ up_style=”px” down=”0″ down_style=”px”] Now, it’s pay-to-play if you want your posts to...

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Equestrian Entrepreneurs Get Inspired at CREATE Marketing Workshop

Last week Heels Down Media attended the American Equestrian Trade Association (AETA) August Trade Fair, where we had the opportunity to get a preview of next year’s spring/summer fashions and  throughout North America, meet new businesses, and create new partnerships. During this trip, we hosted our first major networking event and innovative marketing workshop at the Radisson Valley Forge in Oaks, PA. With food, wine and practical information, we gathered entrepreneurs, retailers, and marketing managers from various parts of the equestrian industry to come participate in this inaugural event. [vc_separator type=”transparent” up=”26″ up_style=”px” down=”0″ down_style=”px”] The idea behind CRE@TE...

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Influencer Marketing Generates $6.50 for Every $1 Spent: Word of Mouth Taken to the Next Level

Trends come and go, with a select few sticking around. There were those that were skeptical of influencer marketing. After all, celebrities and athletes don’t always sell products as well as brands would hope, so how could social media users beat out actual influencers? Alas, influencer marketing has taken off and is proving to be wildly successful across various niche markets. From superstars to micro-influencers, brands are finding strength in having their products shared in these new, innovative ways. [vc_separator type=”transparent” up=”26″ up_style=”px” down=”0″ down_style=”px”] If influencer marketing is new to you, allow us to explain the process. Similar...

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The Rise of Micro-Influencers and Why They Are Effective

Social media can frequently be considered “no man’s land.” Sure, everyone knows they need it and they know big numbers mean good things, but beyond that it can be difficult to understand or analyze. Engagement is good, reach is good, but what actually defines good? How do you measure the return on investment (ROI) of social media? Goal setting, measuring clicks, and high levels of likes and comments can be excellent ways of communicating the value of social media and working with your influencers. [vc_separator type=”transparent” up=”26″ up_style=”px” down=”0″ down_style=”px”] At the end of the day, social media is...

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4 Infallible Ways to Become a Better Influencer

One thing many people don’t understand about social media is that reach is not everything. You can buy followers and the number of views on your post can change from week to week. While having a large number of followers is certainly helpful, it is not everything. Want to know what is everything? Being authentic, engaging, telling a story, and building a brand that resonates with the followers you have. Radically high numbers of followers means very little if you have no relationship with them. According to research conducted by Nielsen , 92-percent of people trust recommendations from individuals,...

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