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Creative: Heels Down Happy Hour Podcast Campaign

WHAT Heels Down Media created an ad campaign for the Heels Down Happy Hour Podcast. WHY A fun podcast that talks about what is happening in the equestrian world in a laid back style with featured cocktail recipes needed an ad campaign to share on social media networks. The purpose is to highlight the entertaining topics that come up during the hosts’ discussions. RESULTS A simple, eye catching campaign that shows the off-the-cuff nature of the podcast to appeal to listeners who like a good laugh while they imbibe and discuss equestrian...

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Staying On Task: Tried and Tested Ways to Work Effectively From Home

It’s easy to try to do it all when you work from home. It can be hard to draw the line between work and your personal life. Here are ten tips to help you work more effectively at home. We all work from home at Heels Down Media so these are proven and tested on a daily basis. 1. Prioritize everything in your life each day. If it doesn’t have to be done that day, don’t put it on your list. That includes laundry. 2. Have a short to-do list. Only pick the top few items that must be...

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Attracting (and Keeping) Reliable Staff

In Episode 2 of the Heels Down Media business talk videocast, we discuss the never-ending quest for reliable barn staff. As an equestrian business owner recently stated, one of the biggest challenges in the industry is “Hands-down finding employees who want to work and don’t feel entitled to ridiculous compensation. Once the “shine” of getting to work at the barn wears off they all go sour quickly.” We don’t have all the solutions, but you might consider these ideas to attract and retain employees. Think about the two elements of your environment: what you can control and what you...

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Bridging the Lifestyle Gap

The equine market is a limited one, which presents the challenge of finding innovative ways to reach new potential customers. Many equestrian-centric brands can easily cross over to the “lifestyle” market with a little extra effort, and many lifestyle brands can also cross the bridge to reach an entirely new group of consumers. So how do you bridge that gap? First of all, take a look at the product or service you offer and think of how it could benefit you if you were not involved with horses. Perhaps your sun shirt would transition well from the yoga studio...

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Equestrian Businesses Learn to Amplify Their Marketing at AETA

Equestrian businesses were present for a marketing and networking workshop presented by Heels Down Media at the August edition of the American Equestrian Trade Association in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania on August 12. Heels Down Media President Patricia Da Silva presented on several trending topics in today’s marketing environment and how they could be applied to equestrian business. Using a mixture of facts and figures, Da Silva talked about how to target a brand’s marketing in the most efficient way in an environment where consumer attention span is dwindling. “Marketing is everything,” was reiterated several times, driving home the...

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