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“Word of mouth isn’t just one of marketers’ favorite social tactics, it’s one of the most effective as well. But many word of mouth marketers still simply post content online and hope it’ll spread — and this “post and pray” method rarely works. Forrester believes the real key to generating word of mouth is identifying people to speak on brands’ behalf and then motivating those advocates and influencers to action.”  Nate Elliott, Forrester Marketing Research

Ringside and in the barn, Heels Down Media mobile platforms make you always accessible for your audience. Your interactive mobile content delivered through a network of app, web and social avenues to connect your brand to the equestrians who matter.

Using videos, pop-ups, photo galleries, sound, and animation Heels Down Magazine offers a unique viewing experience not available on any other equestrian digital platform.  Our interactive content engages readers and turns them into shoppers, allowing them to purchase the products directly on their mobile device from the magazine.

Working off your existing benchmarks, Heels Down Media generates digital word of mouth marketing that extends beyond awareness. Creating conversations and building relationships is what we do best. Our platform reach is unlike any traditional marketing tool available to your brand.

Heels Down Magazine

  • 4100 unique app users
  • 365% Growth in Paid Subscribers in 2015
  • Instagram: 17,000
  • Snapchat: 1,500 daily views
  • Twitter: 3,100
  • Facebook: 2,100
  • Global readership: 70% USA, 14% Canada, 5% UK, 3% Australia/NZ, 2% Ireland, 6% other.

Horse Junkies United

  • Website Traffic: 1.2 Million Views in 2015
  • 650 annual blog posts
  • Global readership: 60% USA 26% Canada 10% UK, 4% Other
  • 24,000 Facebook
  • 12,300 Twitter
  • 1.1 Million YouTube views


The Scope Network

  • Instagram: 59,000
  • Twitter: 15,000
  • YouTube: 47,300
  • Total: 121k followers


Are you ready to move beyond counting clicks and impressions?  Heels Down Media offers authentic, unique connections and exciting new ways to reach an influential market.