We’ve all read (maybe even written?) blogs that begin by “Apologies, I haven’t written in soooo long”.

Ideally, you should keep it consistent – even if you only blog once a month. When it’s active and then not active, and then you’re back, then gone again, readers can’t follow. If you’re dealing with ‘Blank Page Syndrome’, here are some ideas to help you get back on track.

But first, be clear about your goals. Remember why you started blogging. What was the point? Is it a personal blog for you to have a creative outlet, did you want to connect with others, or to expand your professional opportunities? If you blog for your business, is it reaching its goals?

It’s important to make that assessment and understand what you want out of it. Maybe you’ve already reached those goals and don’t feel the need to blog anymore. And that’s why it’s become a chore.

If you’ve decided you want to stop blogging, you can stop reading here. If you still want to blog, continue on.

1. Get emotional – Sometimes we stop writing because nothing is going on and we’re in a “blah” state. Rekindle the fire within. What do you care about? Write down 5 things that you LOVE and 5 things that really annoy you. It’s easier to write when you feel passionate about the subject.

2. Interview someone – Your life is not that interesting right now? Interview your farrier, your trainer, a barnmate, a client. Your blog doesn’t have to be about you all the time.

3. Answer a question – Come up with 5 general questions that people ask about your horse / business/ discipline and answer them. Boom, you’ve got 5 blog posts. If you’re out of questions, look at Google search results. It’s amazing what you can find there. You can also respond to someone else’s blog.

4. Epic fails – Write about your biggest challenges and how you overcame them.

5. Old posts – Look at your most popular blog posts. What do they have in common? What were they about? Can you write a Part 2 to one of them?

6. Resource post – What knowledge have you acquired that you could share with others? What to bring to your first horse show, a spectator’s guide to the Kentucky Three-Day Event, how to pick studs… Write a step-by-step tutorial, how-to or a resource post that is evergreen so you can re-share it periodically.

7. Lessons learned – Recap the lessons learned at a recent clinic or a show.

8. Trending topics – Look at what is going on in the world. Never mind, write about ponies.