You may define yourself as a designer, a dressage trainer or a writer but to have success in any field today, you need to be a salesperson first. 

Hollywood actors don’t get the big movie roles because they are better at acting than their peers. They get paid millions for their ability to attract an audience. So they attend premieres and awards shows, and give interviews. They are constantly promoting their projects and themselves because that will directly affect their revenue. The time spent marketing will have more of an impact on their bottom line than if they used that time to take lessons and improve their craft.

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For competitive athletes, where winning and losing makes or breaks you, it’s different because you have to spend a lot of time preparing to beat your competitors. Even then, marketing still affects the business. A successful athlete that is also a good marketer will be in high demand for endorsements. 

In equestrian sport, owners aren’t lining up at the barn with their money to buy nice horses for every professional out there. It’s the riders who spend time making the right connections and selling themselves well that get them.

You may be very talented in your craft but if you expect people to pay you for it, you’re entering the business arena. And in business, the score is kept in dollars, not awards. The person who is promoting, marketing, and selling wins.