Photography is an essential part of any marketing campaign. Understanding the power of photography can take your shoot to the next level. The first step in planning your photo shoot is to determine the overall emotion you want to represent in your photographs. After deciding what emotion you want the viewers to feel, the following elements will bring your image to life. Deciding how to improve your marketing with photography doesn’t have to be difficult – you just need to have a clear idea of what you want your audience to see.


The lighting you choose for your shoot can make or break the overall feel of the resulting photos. It is important to decide what emotion you are wanting to convey before determining the time of day and/or location of your shoot.

For example, if you want to achieve a romantic or creative look, “golden hour” – the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset – is a great time of day to shoot. With the low sun, it is easy to backlight your subject, creating a halo effect, which is desirable for a warm look.

For a cleaner look when shooting outdoors, try shooting in the morning a couple of hours after sunrise. The sun will still be low enough that you don’t have to worry about harsh shadows, but the light is more white than yellow.

Shooting indoors opens up other possibilities using studio lighting. You can create a dramatic look by shooting in a dark room with one or two lights. Playing around with the number of lights you use as well as their placement will give a variety of looks.

Details and Styling

It is important to plan every detail of your shoot to ensure the right message is conveyed. If you aim to target a high-end audience and your setup is in a barn, you would want to make sure that the area in your frame is spotless, floors are swept, and there is nothing hanging from the stalls with the exception of a carefully placed, clean halter.

The horse should be immaculately groomed down to polished hooves. The model’s hair, makeup, and clothing should all match the look you are trying to achieve. You want to set a scene that your target customer would envision themselves in.


Create authenticity and real-life application utilizing motion in your shoot. The simple act of slipping a glove off your hand can portray luxury and class. This movement creates a more dynamic and emotive photography than if the model was standing stationary.


Combine these aspects of photography to give your images personality. Make sure the combination of your details, lighting, and movement create a space that embodies your subject.

For a shoot with Equi In Style, bright and airy lighting was used to create a fresh look. The shoot was set outdoors so the background would not compete with the subject. The model, Eiren Crawford, was photographed in motion to highlight the performance aspect of the garment.

While shooting a cover for Heels Down Magazine with polo player Nic Roldan, the dramatic lighting was used to add a masculine and tough feel to the images. The stone and neutral colors play on the tough nature of the issue focused on fitness. A close-up and lack of motion was used to portray the grit and intensity that comes after a workout.

Working with a professional photographer for your brand is a worthwhile investment. Having imagery that is on-brand, sophisticated and polished will elevate your perceived quality and credibility. After all, a goo first impression is quite valuable in any interaction – and a great photo will make for a great one.