If your sales are mainly driven through foot traffic, in a store or vendor stand at horse shows, you may not see the value in investing in a digital marketing campaign. And yet, it can be a very effective tool.

To stay relevant with millennials, Mercedes Benz has started working with influencers who create compelling content across social media platforms.

Starbucks’ digital marketing strategy has been very effective, helping to increase US same-store sales by 7% in the first quarter of 2016.

Those are just two examples of brands using the digital world to engage with an audience and generate foot traffic. Here are four ways you can use a digital campaign to grow brick-and-mortar sales.

1. Creates Awareness

You can have the best product in the world and the best customer service in the world, if people don’t know it exists or that you have it they won’t buy from you. A digital marketing campaign helps create awareness for your brand or for a specific item and helps you stay top of mind when the consumer is ready to make a purchase.

2. Generates Interest

They know you exist, but now you have to make them care. A good digital campaign grabs their attention and makes the audience want to learn more, about a specific product or your business in general. It also allows you to reach current clients and interest them in new products or items with higher margins.

3.  Assists in Pre-purchase Research

Millennials shop very differently than their parents (we’ll have a blog on that soon). Even when they plan to make a purchase in a store, they will research the products online first – they read reviews, check the company’s social media to see photos of the products in use, watch videos etc. Your brand’s digital presence establishes your credibility and has a huge influence on their purchasing decisions.

4. Sparks Desire and Action

They’ve researched it, they’ve narrowed it down to one or a few options…. and now you have to woo them and make them want it enough to get in the car and come get it.

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