What are you known for? Not your company, but you personally. If the answer is not much, it’s time to change that. Having a personality is an integral part of a personal brand – and your personal brand can help elevate that of your business.

Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Oprah, Serena Williams – what is a common theme? All of these individuals, who are successful in their respective fields, have a strong personal brand which transcends their business or even the industry as a whole.

When there are so many people and brands to follow, how do you convince someone to follow you, to care about what you have to offer? Creating a personal brand around yourself and within your business allows your followers to feel more connected and get invested in you and not just your business.

A strong personal brand establishes important messages that keep people coming back for more.

Relationship.  Your audience begins to feel as if they want to be your friends. If you share your day-to-day activities in your stories or mention it in the comments of your posts, followers feel like they are along for the ride. It keeps them coming back for more just to see what you are up to and to cheer you on.

Trust. When people get to know you, they are more likely to trust you. They get a sense of who you are as a person which allows them to feel safer when following your recommendations or hiring your business.

On Their Mind. They begin to think of you even when you aren’t showing up in their social feed. They may see your logo or hear a mention of your name or brand and immediately recognize it since they’ve been following you. They are much more likely to recommend your product or services if you’ve already made that lasting, impactful impression.

Relatable. It becomes easier for people to invest in you and your journey because they see you are just like them. If they were only to see your accomplishments, show photos, or videos of perfect rounds, they may be less likely to connect with you because your accomplishments seem too unattainable. Remember – we all like to have a reminder that everyone is human!