Everyone wants results fast. I get it. It’s true in business, and it’s true in riding. Riders take one lesson and expect ribbons to be raining from the sky the next day. While we click ‘like’ on hustle memes, no one wants to work hard for an extended period of time. We like those inspirational quotes about hard work on social media but in reality, we expect the Amazon Prime version of success. Fast, fast, fast. 

A few years ago, we worked with a company that was launching an innovative product in a new market for a two-month advertising campaign. After the two months, their metrics were impressive: high number of impressions and fantastic reach. We thought they’d be thrilled and would extend the campaign (that’s what I would have done looking at the numbers). Instead, the company pulled the plug. I found it baffling to quit when the data was this positive. They were gaining traction. Why stop now? They explained that they expected to penetrate the market… in two months. 

I see this happening over and over. Businesses try something for a short period and do not recognize it’s working. They believe ‘it didn’t work’, pivot and try something else. Rinse, repeat. Spaghetti, meet wall. I’m always surprised by the number of smart people who lack understanding on how success works in real life. While return on investment is an essential metric, it doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to build a solid business, you need to trust the process.

Success comes with the repetition of good habits over a period of time. It requires belief, commitment, and staying the course. If you keep pivoting every few months and switching strategies, you are putting the counter at zero every time instead of reaping the benefits of your earlier efforts. 

Successful athletes will tell you ‘don’t quit’. What they mean is don’t lose patience and quit too early. Not succeeding right away doesn’t mean you are failing. Nothing works if you don’t give it time.