As a business owner, it’s pretty common to wish more people paid attention to your company’s social media posts. You may even be boosting posts or advertising on Facebook or Instagram to increase the reach. But as a social media user, do you wish you were exposed to more ads? More influencer #sponsored posts? Probably not.

People use social media to connect with friends and be entertained. Even when you’re selling, you need to be mindful of that. If you don’t add value to their newsfeed, they’ll click the unfollow button or simply tune you out. Here are my simple rules to ensure social media success.

1. Surprise Me

Attention is scarce. We are bombarded by thousands of messages, notifications and thoughts. To get people to not only ‘see’ but pay attention to our content, it needs to stand out. If it’s not particularly interesting or similar to what others are already doing, it will not leave an impression. To cut through the clutter, it needs to surprise. Be creative, be interesting, make it worth the viewer’s time.


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2. Show Me

Post videos and great images. Show what happens behind-the-scenes. Visual content increases visibility and organic reach.

3. Talk to Me

Social media is SOCIAL. Comment on other user’s posts, reply to comments, and engage with your followers. Don’t simply schedule posts automatically. You have to put in the effort to make real connections.

4. Be Authentic

It’s not simply a question of being ‘yourself’. It’s also about knowing the product or service and representing the brand accurately.

5. Be On Brand

From photography to your copy, every post needs to be consistent with the brand. You build a social media presence over time, so look at each individual effort as a whole.