Lebron James isn’t paid $38 million just because he’s a good basketball player. It’s because he can put bums in seats and sell products. Equestrian sport is a much smaller market but the principles are the same. Are you able to influence others to purchase products? Can you help your brand partners make money? If the answer is no, why should companies give you anything? They will prefer to sponsor someone else who can bring a better return on their investment.

The good news is that marketing skills is something all riders can (and should!) learn. And this past weekend I flew to Calgary to present “BUILD”, a lecture showing equestrian athletes a step-by-step approach to build their brand to obtain sponsorships at the Dressage4Kids Clinic at Eiren Crawford’s All Points Dressage.

Here’s an excerpt

Even though my lecture was at the end of a long day, the riders were extremely engaged throughout. They took notes and asked a lot of questions (and so did the parents). From how to better utilize social media to preparing a sales pitch, they learned to establish a strategy, prepare and execute it. In BUILD, the concepts are broken down and presented in an easy-to-understand way.

Going forward, it is those athletes who understand how to build a brand and are able to bring results to the companies they partner with that will come out on top.

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