Let’s pretend a consumer products company hires me as a marketing consultant. I go in the first meeting and they present me with a bar of soap.

“Here’s our soap. We’d like to sell more soap and make this soap more popular. Do you think we should change the name and the formula of the soap?”

“Ok…but before we get to that… what are your sales now? What’s your market share? Have you done a competitive analysis? Can I see the data? What are your profit margins? How much do you want to increase sales by?”

“I don’t know. We just want to make the soap more popular and media-friendly and sell more of this soap to everyone. We don’t sell enough soap. Maybe we need a shorter bar of soap? What do you think?”

“Is this soap any good?”

“Our soap is excellent!!! It is the absolute best kind of soap. But maybe we need to change it.”

“Does no one like the soap now?”

“Oh, no! Lots of people love the soap! Men, women, of all ages…in Europe, America, everywhere! We have many athletes, CEOs, royalty and celebrities among our clients and they tell us how much they love the soap.”

“Let me understand this correctly… For this excellent soap you can’t sell, your current market includes athletes, celebrities, rich people and royalty, men and women of all ages from around the world??”

“Yes, and we have cute animals doing awesome things with the soap too.”

“You have athletes, celebrities, CEOs, royalty aaaaand cute animals?! As in…right now, using this excellent soap?”

“Yes, but we need to change the soap to make it media-friendly.”