Not with beans in it, an empty one to put on your desk and show people.

Bob:“Look at my new $1,350 tin can!”

Bill: “Oh, yah, nice.”

Bob: “It’s not tin, it’s silver! It’s from Tiffany’s. It looks just like a tin can. Doesn’t it look like a tin can? But it’s in sterling silver. And it’s $1350.”

Bill: “Oh, yah, nice.”

Upon exiting the office, Bill’s two possible reactions:

1. “I can’t believe this fool bought a $1,350 tin can…”

Or 2. “Let me check if they make a bigger, more expensive tin can… Oh look, they make a $2,050 paper clip.”  Adds to cart.

My point: It’s never about the can. It’s about how the can makes us feel.